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Weird Occurances In Ohio...

Weird Occurances In Ohio

1. The deadly history of Ohio's "Witches Tower"

Hiding in the forest near Dayton, Ohio, is the so called “Witches Tower” or “Frankenstein’s Castle”, is one of the most popular urban legend in Ohio,with a deadly history. However, this old tower has nothing to do with witches. Actually, the true story behind this structure involves the tragic death of Peggy Harmeson. In May of 1967, 16-year-old Peggy and her boyfriend sought shelter in the tower during a storm.Lightning struck the tower, killing Peggy and leaving her boyfriend extremely injured.

2. The Circleville Letter Writer

In the small town of Circleville and the people of Pickaway County began to encounter a strange circumstance in the late 70s when thousands of individuals started receiving mysterious letters in their mailboxes about their personal lives. This continued on for more than 20 years, until in the late 90s, were it stopped. The writer was never revealed, and to this day the people of Circleville don’t know who was watching them so closely every day.

3. The Butcher of Kingsbury Run

The Butcher of Kingsbury Run, also known as the "Cleveland Torso Murderer", this unidentified serial killer murdered and dismembered many (at least twelve) victims from the homeless in Cleveland, many of whom remain unidentified to this day.