Black Widow

Black Widow is an american movie based on Marvel Comics. It was released in 2021. It was directed by Cate Shortland and produced by Marvel Studios. Scarlet Johanson and Florence Pugh star as Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova.

Plot Synopsis

The movie starts in Ohio, 1995. Natasha Romanoff is a teenage member of a group of Russian undercover agents. Alexei Shostakov, who plays her father, is the superhero Red Guardian and Melina Vostokoff, her supposed mother, is part of the Black Widow program from the Red Room. Yelena Belova is Natasha's "sister". The "family" poses a normal one but their mission is to steal top secret information from S.E.I.L.D. One day, Alexei gets home and tells the others that it's time to leave and the family escapes to Cuba. There, the leader of the operation, General Dreykov breaks them up. The kids are sent to the red room for training, Melina is taken to the hospital because of a gun shot and Alexei is reassinged.

In 2016, Ntasha is a fugitive for violating Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War. She is pursued by the United States Secretary of State, Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Natasha escapes to a safehouse in Norway that is supplied to her by a friend and associate, Rick Mason.

In the meanwhile, Yelena srill works for Dreykov through th Red Room. She is controlled by a chemical mind control agent. Her assignment in Budapest brings her into contact with a former Black Widow agent that exposes her to an antidote that clears her mind and restores her free will. Unfortunately, she kills the former agent before she is freed. Yelena sends the antidote to Natasha in Norway hoping that she will return to help Yelena free the other Widows.

When Natasha receives the antidote in Norway, she gets attacked by the Taskmaster who has been sent there by Dreykov to recover the antidote. Taskmaster can mimic the fighting ability of any person that she observes. But Natasha manages to escape her and heads to Budapest with the antidote. When she arrives in her safehouse in Budapest, Natasha and Yelena fight since Yelena is still angry that Natasha never came back to free her from the Red Room. However, their fight is interrupted by a squad of Black Widows that are sent to get the antidote. Natasha and Yelena manage to escape the Widows and Taskmaster and decide to find Alexei to them where the new Red Room is located so they can destroy the program and free the Widows. Natasha tells Yelena that she believed Dreykov was dead since her first mission for S.H.I.E.L.D. was to blow up his office. Also she tells her that she carries the guilt that the explosion took the life of Dreykov’s young daughter Antonia. After escaping Budapest, Natasha and Yelena reunite with Mason who provides them with a helicopter.

Dreykov had placed Alexei in a Siberian prison so Yelena and Natasha locate him and free him. But when the grils ask him where the Red Room is he tells them that he doesn't know but what he knows is that Melina may be still working for Dreykov. The three of them locate her working on a farm outside Saint Petersburg. Melina informs them about the mind controlling chemicals that Dreykov use on the widows and she developed. Then the four of them fight, Yelena expresses the feelings she felt when they wre a "real" family and Melina reveals to Natasha that she sent their location to Dreykov. When Dreykov's agents arrive, they take all of them to the new Red Room wich is at a secret aerial facility.

However, Natasha and Melina had used mask technology and had switched places before they got caught. This allows Melina to free Alexei and Yelena while Natasha faces Dreykov, who immediatly sees through her mask. Then Dreykov tells Natasha that Antonia is the Taskmaster. It turns out that she did not die in the explosion but went through severe damage to her face and body. Natasha tries to kill him but she was prevented by a pheromone lock that Dreykov had installed in all Widows. Then Natasha intentionally breaks her nose breaking a nerve to her nasal portal to neutrilize the pheromone. She then attacks Dreykov who calls a team of Widows to fight her. While Natsha fights Dreykov Alexei fights the Taskmaster and Melina detroys a facility's engines. Together, they lock Taskmaster in a cell. At the same time, Yelena looks for the Widows with the antidote to free them and she finds them in Dreykov’s office overwhelming Natasha and she frees them all with the antidote.

Then Natasha acceses Dreykov's comuter and downloads of all Widows in tha world. She recovers the two remaining bottles of the antidote and frees the Taskmaster from the cell while the facility starts to fall apart. Yelena takes out Dreykov’s helicopter, causing it to explode and Dreykov is killed. The surviving Widows and take Alexei, Melina, Yelena and Antonia. Natasha waits for Ross to arrest her.

In the end of the movie, we see a new blonde Natasha meeting with Mason. He supplies her with an airplane and she leaves with the intent to free the imprisoned Avengers from Ross.




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