Captain America and the Winter Soldier

Captain America and the Winter Soldier is one of the best marvel movies and was released at 2014.

Joe and Anthony Russo

Main Cast

  1. Chris Evans

  2. Sebastian Stan

  3. Scarlett Johansson

  4. Anthony Makie

  5. Cobie Smulders

  6. Frank Grillo

  7. Emily VanCamp

  8. Hayley Atwell

  9. Toby Jones

  10. Jenny Agutter

  11. Robert Redford

  12. Samuel L. Jackson

Captain America and the Winter Soldier is a MARVEL movie that was released in 2014. It is one of the best MARVEL movies of all time and even though it was released almost ten years ago. The plot and the CGI are amazing.


After the battle of new york at 2012, Steve Rogers AKA Catpain America and Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow, work at Washington DC for a secret comunity called SHIELD.
They work with a anticriminal team called STRIKE.
STRIKE is send to free some hostages while Natasha Romanoff is told to steal the data from the computers of the ship.
Nick Fury, shows Captain America Project Insight which is a project that SHIELD has been working on.
Nick Fury postpones project insight so that he can understand what is in the drive with the DATA that Black Widow stole.
Project Insight is:
SHIELD will launch 3 hellicarriers and will have control of every one who will try to attack them.
Nick Fury gets sabotaged by fake policemen. They attack him and injure him. A super soldier walks tries to kill him but he escapes. He understands that SHIELD has been compromised.
He goes to Captain America's apartment where he tells Steve Rogers that SHIELD has been compromised, and gives him the data that Black Widow stole.
Fury is then shot buy the Super Soldier that tried to kil him earlier that day.
Captain America chases the shooter but he escapes.
Captain America then goes Fury to the hospital where him Natasha Romanoff and a SHIELD agent(Maria Hill)watch his heart stop.
Natasha says that the shooter is the winter soldier.
Alexander Pierce sends every SHIELD agent looking for Captain America because he says that Steve Rogers has information regarding the death of Director Fury and he refused to say it.
Captain America escapes and him and Black Widow find the place from where the data came from.
They go to New Jersey and find out that the DATA point is where Captain America was trained back in 1944.
They find out that HYDRA jas been groqing inside of SHIELD for the last 60 years.
SHIELD tries to kill them but they nearly escape and go to Sam Wilson, a man Steve Rogers met while training.
Sam welcomes them to is house and lets them live there. They discover to go after the super soldier that shot Fury.
Sam used to be in the army flying with a pair of metallic wings. They take Jonathan Sitwell, a HYDRA programmer that works for Pierce. He tells them about the algorithm that Zola wrote.
Zola's algorithm evaluates people pasts, to predict their future. Then, the Insight hellicarriers scratch people off the list, a few million at a time.
While they drive to SHIELD headquarters the super soldier attacks them again. He kills Sitwell and crashes their car. After a long fight with Captain America his mask finally falls off and Steve Rogers sees his face.
The Winter Soldier is no other than Captain America's long lost friend, Bucky Barnes. Steve is shocked, his best friend has been dead for almost 70 years!
The men from HYDRA attack them but Steve couldn't even move from what he had just seen. Bucky was still alive.
HYDRA takes them and puts them in a van with two heavily armed agents
Luckily one of the guards is Maria Hill disguised. She helps them escape and they go to a hidden cave. In a bed, very badly injured is Nick Fury.
He faked his death and has been helping agent Hill to rescue Captain America.
They know that the hellicarriers will kill thousends of people in a few hours so they come up with a plan to stop that.
They will replace one of the hellicarrier's data cards with theirs so they can change the targets.
Sam AKA The Flacon and Captain America quickly replace the cards on two of the hellicarriers but on the third one Bucky is standing in front of Steve.
They have a fight and Captain America replaces the final card. The targets now are the other two hellicarriers.
Each hellicarrier shoots another one and the three of them get destroyed. Steve and Bucky are still on one of the hellicarriers and when they fall on the water Bucky saves Steve.

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